First of all I have to say that the men’s collections of Seoul Fashion Week generally appeal much more to me than the women’s does; and from those MVIO usually appeal to me the most. However, coming out from the runway show this season, I did feel a little bit disappointed.

The color palette reminded me a lot more of the 80’s, than the 60’s or 70’s; inspiration decades for next season. Obviously they tried to think outside the box with this collection, seeing that spring and autumn collections of 2011 remind a lot of each other in style. And even though I think ‘thinking outside the box’ is always a good thing, it doesn’t mean that the result is always good. What it came to this time is a collection that is just a little bit too much all over the place, and lacking in the bits that the brand usually does best; preppy. The whole hospital-scrubs-sport-sailing-80’s-Barbie’s Ken-look just didn’t do it for me; not for next spring.

But I love MVIO. Its usually one of those brands that often hit coming trends spot-on (just check out spring 2011). There is a chance they see something I don’t. Either way I will keep MVIO close to my fashion heart and look forward to autumn season’s collection!