This bag is one of the first shopping adventures I regarded an investment. I was about 20 years old, and I saw this little Italian beauty sitting in the window of some exclusive lady-shop here in Stockholm. I was a student of course and didn’t have much money, but was working part time as a nanny. I said to myself that if this bag is still not sold by the time I’ve made enough money, destiny is telling me to buy it; regardless of the ridiculous price tag. Two or three months after, having sold some stuff from my house, and worked hard at my job, I finally had enough cash and walked into the shop to buy this beautiful red little thing. And I guess it was destiny, and maybe also the appreciation for it is high because I know how hard I worked for it, but either way it’s been my favorite bag ever since.

This silk tie is my favorite, because I think it’s pretty, and it’s YSL, and it was (almost) the cheapest thing I’ve ever bought in a second hand shop. I really love second hand stuff! You can find such treasures for almost no money at all! It’s from Myrorna Second Hand in Stockholm.

This scarf is from a random vintage shop in Stockholm I randomly walked by a few years ago. It’s my all-time favorite accessory because it’s just so pretty. Unfortunately it’s just been lying around at home in the pile with my other scarfs for ages, as up until now, when scarfs have become trendy, I’ve just not found any use for it. So this season I’ve been very happy since I’ve actually been able to use it!

September in Sweden is the most magical time of the year in my opinion. It’s so beautiful. Maybe it’s because the trees turn red, the sun becomes orange and even the wind feels fragranced, but either way, it always makes me very romantic. Not only in a sense of love, but also the way I see the world around me. During fall I love reading Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice or see the movie, just because it puts me in such a special and contempt mood. But also, reading about the world so far back in history, before you or your parents or even grandparents were thought of, and realizing how similar their lives were to your own and how short a period of 200 years actually is, it makes me reflect over the future. 200 years from now feels like an eternity away, but it’s not. And the scary thing is that considering the environmental changes that are occurring because of the way we live right now, our world might look very different from how we or the Bennets saw it.

Maybe my grandchildrens children would never be able to relate to Pride and Prejudice, because they never experienced what “walking in the mud, but with eyes brightend by the excercise” would be like. Isn’t it crazy that our generation, out of ALL those before us, will be the one remembered for “being able to make a difference, and change the dystopic future, but out of laziness didn’t”?

These glasses were not an investment initially, but has become a pair I highly treasure. They were not expensive, but they were a pair I fell in love with and happened NOT to misplace during the first summer, so I’ve intensely looked after them since. The first time they broke, my spontaneous reaction was “oh no, now I need to find a new pair.” But as I couldn’t, I decided to have them repaired. To my great surprise, it didn’t cost any money at all to have the optician put a new screw in. And they have, lousy quality as they are, broken several times since them, but the great thing I’ve learned is that EVERY single optician – in London, in Seoul, in Stockholm, in Berlin – all of them repaired them for free. So I want to give this advice to you – don’t buy a new pair if your glasses break, even if they were really cheap; have them repaired! Always remember that the price tag of cheap stuff doesn’t equal the ACTUAL price of recourses or labor put into them. What are your five PICKS in September? What do you do/wear?