Yesterday the adorable Joanne from Scotland was modeling for me. We were going to go for a sixties look á la Twiggy; inspired by the season’s catwalk trends (Prada, and Marc Jacobs’ polk-a-dots etc.). But since details weren’t completely worked out as we started the shoot, obviously things didn’t come out the way they were supposed to, and it turned into a pastelly-girly-look instead. On the other hand, our lovely Joanne, was an amazing model who turned out breath-taking in almost every single frame, so I’m quite happy with the result anyway!

I am so happy that I have all of these wonderful girls to work with. They are all so patient (ok the two I’ve had this far, haha) and have a great cheerful attitude and are happy to try out new things. They make my job so easy. From the two shoots I have done this far I have learn’t an important lesson: the job of a stylist – even though it’s not a REAL job for me – is MUCH more than knowing what’s trendy, what the look you are going for, sizes etc. It’s such hard work. To make it really work, there is SO much planning that need to go into it!

So as I have a shoot tomorrow (with a pair of twins!! So excited! :D) I will spend today planning every single outfit in detail. I will go to the vintage market to buy the stuff we don’t have in OldOld yet, and then really work out every look in detail! I can do it!

And ps. I am still warmly welcoming anyone who wants to model here for my project (there are like 10-15 girls who I’m scheduling now!) but it would also be awesome if some guys would be interested. So, if you are a guy, or know someone would would like to try it out – let me know!