The models of this week’s first shoot were the adorable twins Nabila and Salima. As we couldn’t get started until late in the afternoon we were battling sunset, which is difficult for a ”self-taught-but-still-learning” photographer like me. But we didn’t let light issues, or the group of middle-school boys watching, bother us; but instead we managed to use every difficulty and turn it to something fun.

About the clothes, I wanted to use the army trend, but make it a bit more interesting. I added some circus/clown elements (more or less in different pictures).

I really prefer vintage and second hand army clothes (i.e. authentic) rather than “army style” clothes. Not only, because of how it looks, but also because you get so much long lasting quality and great “extras” such as inflammable material, and a random soldier’s nametag, for a bargain price.

All of these clothes (including accessories like socks that I bought for the shoot) can be bought in our shop (I am helping a bit in the shop with sorting, coordinating, organizing etc. right now). We are located at Konkuk University subway station (Green line) exit 6 – take the first left, and next left, keep walking on the street until you see a big orange OLDOLD-sign on the right. That’s where we are. Or visit us online – currently working on updates and improvements.