SFW SS: Resurrection

The two first things the come to mind for describing Resurrection’s spring 2012 collection is that they stay true to their signature style, but also that it’s a rather diverse collection. Resurrection’s trademark is the sort of hard, dark, and dangerous look, in contrast with either bright color or softer materials. There is always some sort of skirts for men too; something I’m just crazy about, of no apparent reason.

But something that brings the score down for me is always based on the same fact when it comes to Resurrection; it doesn’t fit my personal taste. There were a lot of scull- and animal prints; I hate sculls and animal prints! I also don’t like pieces that are cut too low around the neck – for both women’s and men’s wear.

With that said, I understand it – sculls go very well with the Resurrection concept. And there were some really interesting pieces too. I loved that turquoise coat thing, which looks like it’s made from hard plastic but it probably isn’t. Very cool; I could see Edward Scissorhands dress well in it. I also like the black zipper piece worn by my favorite model Kim Won Joong that had something rock n’ roll tail-coat about it.

But finally, I must say that I still think the collection for this fall (2011) was better. It was just outstanding! And also, I think I would have some sustainable-related complaints about materials (by the look of it) if I could find a material list somewhere. But I will leave that for now.